Peerless 37 – 60 Inches Full-Motion Plus Wall Mount, Black

The PLA60UNLP offers a single solution for screens up to 65" in a wide range of installations including lobbies, hotel rooms, boardrooms, public displays or home theaters. Its all-steel construction enables it to hold screens up to 175 lb., while its self-lubricating bushings enable the arms to smoothly articulate and position your screen for optimal viewing. Combined with adjustable tilt and pivot capabilities, the PLA60-UNL is the only wall arm you need.

DJ Tech Mix Free Wireless USB DJ Controller/ Software

There is a time when dreams come true, and that day is now. Welcome to Dj Tech MIX FREE: The first wireless DJ mini-controller for PC/MAC ( laptop and desktop). Dance around the room whilst Djing. Included in the pack Deckadance LE DJ Software, MIX FREE Free will let you mix your music away from the PC using the integrated displays to show tracks, Play list and all info to control your tunes.Totally Free and Wireless: Absolutely NO cables. Dance with the crowd and mix at the same time!Thanks to Direct access to AutoLoops, Kill Equalizer, and sampled sound :Fun Sounds & Effects2 deck controller: Mix, scratch and synchronize MP3,OGG and WAV files. No need any headphones, just read the BEAT MATCH info for perfect mix. Access to Parameters of Effects in Real Time with X and Y Control. Enjoy Automix and Auto BPM for DJ less and more fun What is Deckadance ?Deckadance is a Dj Software for MAC and PC that let you play,mix,scratch your MP3s. Very simple to use, LOOPS, RELOOPER and Effects, will be some great tools to reshape your favourite tunes. Be a professionnnal Djwithout the science of mixing as Deckadance BPM engine will bring out your creativity, as well as the AUTOMIX functions.

OmniMount Play25x Full Motion Mount with Extension for 19-Inch to 37-Inch TVs

Make the most of your TV investment with a mount that accommodates every activity comfortably! The ActionMount moves every-which-way to position your TV near the floor (for activities like exercising) or up high (while standing, gaming and group viewing). Don't just sit in front of your TV, interact with it! Works with most 19 to 37 inch TVs and supports up to 25 lbs.

Trulink(R) Wireless USB to VGA+3.5mm Audio Kit

Trulink(R) Wireless USB to VGA+3.5mm Audio Kit

The second generation of the TruLink USB to VGA+ 3.5mm Kit provides a powerful solution to stream audio and video to a remote monitor, projector or television. Engineered to incorporate Ultra-Wide Band technology(UWB), this kit allows for in-room wireless connectivity up to 30 feet (line of sight) between the computer and display. Setup is simple and usage is seamless because all required video drivers are embedded in the host adapter, ensuring a quick, plug and play experience. Our new Quick Link feature allows additional users with host adapters to quickly connect to the device adapter with no additional steps required to andldquo;pairandrdquo; the devices. Watch a short video on this product.This highly secure wireless connection is ideal for classrooms, conference rooms or to display audio/video content from your laptop to your home entertainment system. Two flexible device adapter mounting options are included, a desk mount and a wall mount.andnbsp; Please see updated firmware here:Updated firmware Please see updated drivers here:Windows Software (XP,Vista,7)andnbsp; |andnbsp; Mac Software andnbsp;

Professional Digital Radio Frequency Detector

The DD1206 is a new class of a counter surveillance device. Unlike typical sweeping type devices it can detect modern 'hidden' bugs which use such protocols as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Such bugs, especially Bluetooth types, are practically undetectable by common RF detectors due to their very low transmitted power and a special type of modulation. The DD1206 uses a separate channel (2.44GHz) frequency pre-selector to detect and locate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with a much higher sensitivity. The unit then processes the demodulated signal in order to identify which protocol has been detected.In addition the unit can detect all types of 'conventional' bugging devices (FM-modulated transmitters, digital transmitters, GSM-bugs, etc.)

Mount-It! Articulating Wall Mount for LED / LCD / Plasma TVs from 42-70 Inch

This premium swivel TV wall bracket features a single arm design with incredible extension of 26.5" to front of typical TV. Its single arm design allows you to tilt and swivel your TV to almost any angle. It supports a wide range of plasma and LCD flat screen televisions. Ideal for corner installation and for larger TVs. TV Mounting Holes: up to 34.4" apart horizontally and up to 18.5" vertically. Wall plate comes with square hole for convenient cable access. Includes complete hardware kit and installation instructions.

Peerless PT660 Universal Tilt Wall Mount for 32 Inch to 60 Inch Displays Black

Easily install larger screens with this simple, intuitive mounting solution. Its simple three step installation combined with tool-less, one-touch tilt angle adjustment makes it easy to set up and use. Cables and cords are easily managed behind the screen with access ports in the wall plate. For perfect screen positioning, center the screen by smoothly sliding it along the wall plate's horizontal rails.

Arcam rDacKW Solo Wireless USB DAC with rWave

"One of the Very Best Around" The rDac-kw is the wireless version of Arcam's popular rDac. You can order the rDac-kw with the rWand dongle for wireless connection to your iPod/iPhone/iPad or with the rWave dongle for wireless connection to your Mac or PC. You can also order the rDac-kw all by itself and buy either or both rWand and rWave dongles separately. That gives you lots of choices! "A Must-Audition Product" "This outstanding digital-to-analogue converter sound superb with plenty of media friendly inputs," notes England's What Hi-fi? magazine, which honored the rDAC the title of "Best Budget DAC" in its "Awards 2010" issue. "The market's not short of little DACs ready to bring your digital music collection to life. The rDAC, though, is one of the very best around: built sturdily, specified generously and, crucially, sounding every penny of the asking price." "If you are in the process of going 'post CD' in your current system, then the rDAC is a must-audition product," reports Ed Selley in Issue 338 of Hi-fi Choice magazine. "It is able to achieve excellent results with computer audio and the lack of fuss or hassle – making it work with a variety of computers – bodes well for widespread compatibility."

Displays2go MBTVSBKB Mobile LCD Display Stand for a 32 to 60 Inches Flat Panel Monitor, Height-Adjustable with Tilting Bracket – Black

This mobile LCD display stand holds a 32 to 60-inch flat panel monitor that weighs up to 110 pounds. The floor-standing television-holding fixture measures 44 inches tall at its lowest height, yet can be adjustable to reach up to 71.5 inches tall! The height-adjustable mobile LCD display stand has 8 fixed height positions at which the mounting bracket can be set. Please note that the overall height of the fixture may vary slightly due to the size of a displayed monitor. The mobile LCD display stand uses a telescoping design to change the overall height of the unit. The mounting bracket is VESA compatible for the following measurements: 200×200 through to 800x450mm. Please verify your television’s dimensions before placing an order. The mobile LCD display stand can tilt a displayed monitor downwards up to 15 degrees. This gives users the ability to combat light glares and provide guests with the perfect view possible. Please note that some initial assembly is required.

VSCom USB 16 Port Serial Adapter (RS232) [Black]

This USB Serial Adapter is designed to make serial port expansion quick and simple. Connecting to a USB port on your computer or USB hub, this USB Serial Adapter instantly adds serial communication ports to your system. By taking advantage of the USB bus, this USB Serial Adapter makes it easier than ever to add 16 serial ports and serial devices to your system with easy plug-and-play and hot plug features. Plugging the USB Serial Adapter into the USB port, the adapter is automatically detected and installed. There is no IRQ & COM port conflicts, since the port doesn't require any additional IRQ, DMA or memory on the system. The RS-232 ports function as native Windows COM ports, and it is compatible with Windows serial communication applications. Each port is individually configurable. This USB Serial Adapter provides instant connectivity to RS-232 communication devices for factory automation, multi-drop data collection devices, barcode readers, time clocks, scales, data entry terminals, ATMs and serial communications in harsh enviornments. This USB to Serial Adapter is suitable for remote access, retail and industrial applications, data collection and other applications requiring high speed RS-232 communication ports. This adapters runs off of external power. 120V power cord is included. Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Linux 2.4 & Linux 2.6.9 and later, FreeBSD 6.0 & MAC OSX.

Single Monitor Tabletop Stand for 32″ to 55″ Screens

DS55 Features: -Single monitor desktop stand.-Lateral shift allows for perfect placement.-Distance from top mounting hole to bottom of screen must not exceed 25.2" (640mm).-Pre-assembled securing screw locks screen in place.-Fits most TV's from 32" to 55".-Universal design fits mounting patterns up to 723 x 501 mm.-Weight capacity: 150 lbs. Construction: -Aluminum / high grade cold rolled steel construction. Color/Finish: -Color: Black.-Scratch resistant epoxy powder coat finish. Warranty: -10 Year Warranty.

SAG FREE Swivel TV Wall Mount for 23 to 50 inch TV’s 104-1153

The Aeon-40107 Swivel TV mount merges performance with aesthetics offering the best combination for your room and your TV. This mount is easily placed in a corner or on any single stud leaving no viewing area is off limits. With a ratcheting knob you can easily loosen and tilt your TV to the desired viewing angle. Also with the included level adjust you can put the finishing touches on your installation so your display is always looking it's best. This full motion die-cast aluminum TV mount will fold flat against the wall with an ultra-low profile of 1.8" or extend 20" away from it.This mount also carries a SAG free guarantee for any TV up to 50" or weighing 80 lbs. and includes a lifetime warranty. For the best in quality, appearance and price choose Aeon stands and mounts today.

USB KeyLogger Wi-Fi Premium White Edition

USB KeyLogger Wi-Fi Premium White Edition —– State-of-the-art technology — This wireless keylogger is packed with state-of-the-art electronics: two powerful processors, a full TCP/IP stack, a WLAN transceiver, a time-stamping module, and 2 Gigabytes of memory. How does it work? Besides standard USB keylogger functionality, it features remote access over the Internet. This wireless keylogger will connect to a local Wi-Fi Access Point, and send E-mails containing recorded keystroke data. You can also connect to the keylogger at any time over TCP/IP and view the captured log. – The built-in real-time clock will keep track of the time and date independent if the computer is turned on or not. The internal battery has a guaranteed lifetime of over 7 years. Time and date stamps will get inserted in the log file while the keylogger is capturing keystrokes. The entire log file with embedded date and timestamps is then available for viewing using any text editor. – The KeyGrabber Wi-Fi Premium keylogger incorporates a built-in WLAN transceiver and TCP/IP stack, meaning it can connect to the Internet through a Wi-Fi Access Point. To do that, you must provide it some basic data, such as the Network ID and password (just like any WLAN device). Once connected to an Access Point, the keylogger will start sending E-mail reports with captured keystroke data to any recipient E-mail address you supply. This means you can keep track of what's happening on the monitored computer from any place throughout the world, just by checking your mailbox! – This Premium keylogger also features a TCP/IP interface, for on-demand access at any time. You can remotely download recorded data from the keylogger, using special software delivered with the device. – The control software can communicate with multiple Wi-Fi hardware keyloggers, allowing to create entire networks of wireless keyloggers. This solution is particularly recommended for monitoring several computers in a household or a office.

playGo – USB – Wireless Media Streamer – Glacier White Corian

Stellar Sound in Any Room Play any music from your PC or Mac wirelessly on your stereo. It's easy to use. Just connect the playGo transmitter via USB and playGo will grab all the audio on your computer. Plug it in, hit 'Play,' and playGo will start sending your audio wirelessly to the playGo receiver in less than a minute. You can wirelessly connect up to four playGo receivers to one playGo transmitter for stellar sound quality in many rooms. The transmitter has a range of up to 75 feet. The receiver uses either RCA cables or a Toslink optical cable to connect to your audio device. The playGo is designed by Bicom and is milled from a solid block of DuPont Corian material. The playGo proves that even easy-to-use products can sound great. By leveraging the same technology that playGo's designers engineered for their high-end audio devices, the company was able to bring playGo to a larger consumer audience without cutting any corners. Couple this with the ability to send your music to up to four rooms in sync and you've got a high performance multi-room solution that sounds great and is easy to use.

Displays2go EMSTN3C 35 x 76-3/4 x 27 Inches Chrome and Black Powder Finish Free-Standing Rolling TV Stand with Casters and Accessory Tray

This chrome finish universal rolling TV stand is designed for simple video conferencing using flat panel monitors. Standing at 76-3/4-inches high, this video conference stand holds 1 monitor, 40 to 60-inches weighing up to 100-lbs. in a portrait or landscape orientation. The video conferencing stand has a tilting TV bracket allowing users to adjust to an ideal viewing angle. There is an adjustable height camera mounting shelf on the top of the cart, and an AV accessory shelf under the TV mount. Four locking, smooth rolling casters make this stand easy to move from one location to another, and increase stability while in use. Dimensions: Overall: 35 -Inch w x 27 -Inch d x 76-3/4 -Inch h (to top of camera tray at Max. height) Base: 35 -Inch w x 27 -Inch d x 6-1/2 -Inch h Min. Height: 41 -Inch (to center of bracket) Max. Height: 59 -Inch (to center of bracket) Crossbar Width: 31-1/2 -Inch w AV Shelf: 20 -Inch w x 12-1/2 -Inch d x 1/2 -Inch h Camera Shelf: 10 -Inch w x 5 -Inch d VESA Compatible: 200mm x 200mm to 800mm x 500mm TV Size: 40 -Inch -60 -Inch Weighing up to 100 lbs. Weight: 69 lbs.

USB Multifunction Module with 8 Analog Inputs

Measurement Computing's USB-1408FS is a USB-based device that sets the standard for low-cost, PC-based analog and digital I/O. Providing eight single-ended inputs with 13-bit resolution, or four differential inputs with 14-bit resolution, the unit offers sample rates up to 48 kilosamples/sec with eight software selectable input ranges. The unit also provides two 12-bit analog outputs, one 32-bit counter, and 16 digital I/O lines. The USB-1408FS is reliable and rugged enough for any DAQ application. If it weren't, it wouldn't come with an industry-best limited lifetime warranty and Harsh Environment Program. The combination of the USB-1408FS and Measurement Computing's DAQ software suite (included) gives you a complete data acquisition solution that will have you taking measurements in minutes. The device is fully USB plug and play and easy to use. It is powered from the USB port, so no external power connection is ever required.